Bald-faced Hornets Removal Toronto

Bald-faced Hornets Removal Toronto

How to Identify Bald-faced Hornets

  • 1.5 to 2 cm long
  • Black body, white face

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    Quick Facts About Bald-faced Hornets

    Bald-faced hornets resemble typical wasps, except they are much larger and have white-and-black markings instead of yellow-and-black.

    Bald-faced hornets are not “true hornets” and are actually closely related to yellow jacket wasps. They are not called yellow jackets due to their white markings.

    Bald-faced hornets are distinguished by the markings on their faces. Their name stems from the word piebald, meaning a pattern of dark and light spots.

    What Attracts Bald-faced Hornets?

    Bald-faced hornets are omnivorous – they will eat a variety of foods. 

    They are voracious hunters, and are generally thought to be beneficial by keeping local insect populations in check. They especially hunt flies, caterpillars and spiders. 

    Bald-faced hornets build large nests, typically in high tree branches. These nests are characteristic in that they hang from the branch and have only one opening. Their nests can also be built underground in some cases.

    Should I be Worried About Bald-faced Hornets?

    Although potentially beneficial due to their hunting of other insects, bald-faced hornets are extremely aggressive in a wide area around their nests.

    The presence of a bald-faced hornet’s nest on your property is cause for concern. They sting often, and their stings are potent and painful. 

    In some cases, their stings will cause severe reactions and will require medical attention. Bald-faced hornets can also spray venom into the eyes of animals, causing irritation.

    If you notice bald-faced hornets on your property, don’t take any chances – give us a call. We’ll identify all nests and take steps to remove them safely and effectively.

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