Carpenter Bees Removal Toronto

Carpenter Bees Removal Toronto

How to Identify Carpenter Bees

  • 1.2 to 2.5 cm long
  • Black and yellow
  • Fuzzy, resemble bumblebees

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    Quick Facts About Carpenter Bees

    Unlike other bee species, carpenter bees are solitary and do not live in large colonies.

    Carpenter bees build nests in excavated wood, hollowing out chambers and galleries for their larvae. 

    Carpenter bees are important pollinators, especially for flowering plants such as the maypop and the sea rose.

    Only female carpenter bees are capable of stinging, and will only do so when handled.

    What Attracts Carpenter Bees?

    Carpenter bees prefer to build their nests in softwoods, such as cedar, cypress, fir, pine, coast redwood, and spruce. They will usually prefer to enter unpainted and untreated wood which has been exposed and weathered.

    Carpenter bees seek out wooden structures such as decks, porches, eaves, shingles, and windowsills to burrow into.

    Like most bees, carpenter bees feed on flower nectar. They have adapted to access the nectar from specific plants, such as those with open faced, shallow, or lidded flowers.

    Should I be Worried About Carpenter Bees?

    The damage individual carpenter bees cause to wooden structures is generally minimal and only cosmetic. However, several generations of carpenter bees can nest in the same structure, and can cause more significant damage over time.

    Carpenter bees do not pose a threat to humans. Some people might be allergic to their stings, but they are not aggressive and will only sting if they come in contact with the skin through handling.

    Male carpenter bees can be a nuisance to homeowners when defending their nest as they fly directly at intruders. They cannot sting, however.

    If you notice carpenter bees or signs of their activity on your property, give us a call. We’ll identify all nests and take steps to remove them safely and effectively.

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