Silverfish Control Toronto

Silverfish Control Toronto

How to identify silverfish

Silverfish are small wingless insects with a flat, silvery body and long antennae. They also have three antennae-like sensory appendages sticking out of their back end. Silverfish are often confused with Firebrats, which are similar in appearance.


  • 13 to 25 mm long
  • Silver / gray
  • Tapered, fish-like shape

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    Where do silverfish live?

    Silverfish can be found all over the world. They prefer very moist environments, with a relative humidity of at least 75%. In the home, they typically occupy bathrooms, kitchens, attics and basements.

    Firebrats are attracted to warmer areas, preferring an ambient temperature over 30C. They normally hang around furnaces, hot water pipes, and fireplaces.

    Silverfish like to hang around drains, such as those in showers, bathtubs and sinks. They love to eat starchy materials, and will even feed on paper and glue. As a result, they can often be found infesting libraries containing old books.

    Silverfish are generally considered household pests because they can damage property, especially paper, clothing, carpets and tapestries. They are not known to transmit disease or cause any harm to humans.

    How long do silverfish live?

    Silverfish can live for an average of 2 to 8 years. Females typically lay fewer than 100 eggs in a lifetime. Unlike other insects, silverfish do not take on different forms (such as larvae and pupae) during their lifetime – they hatch and grow into adults through constant molting.

    Silverfish molt a lot more than most insects, shedding their exoskeleton up to 30 times in one year. They are also one of the few insects that continue to molt after reaching adulthood.

    What attracts silverfish?

    Silverfish are attracted to spaces with high moisture levels. They like to feed substances that are rich in carbohydrates, from flour and grains to dead skin cells to textiles. They gain access to spaces by crawling through cracks, crevices or openings around pipes, moldings and vents.

    A damp or humid environment with an abundance of starchy materials is a perfect breeding ground for silverfish. A musty library with lots of old books is a great example of an environment where silverfish would thrive.

    How to prevent silverfish from invading your home

    Eliminating entryways and reducing moisture are the two main ways to reduce the likelihood of attracting silverfish to your space. Seal any cracks in foundations and around pipe entries, use de-humidifiers and repair any leaking plumbing fixtures.

    Keeping your home clean and free of easily accessible starchy materials can also help reduce the likelihood of a silverfish infestation.

    What to do if you have silverfish

    The presence of silverfish is hard to determine because they prefer to move around at night. If you do see silverfish in your home, take steps to secure any loose materials that they might feast on, such as grains, starches and papers.

    If you’re concerned about books, tapestries and clothing, check your belongings thoroughly for signs of silverfish feeding. They tend to leave small holes in papers and other materials. Get rid of any old books or clothes you don’t need, and put everything else in sealed containers.

    Finally, call a silverfish control professional. We will accurately identify any silverfish in your home and take the necessary steps to properly eliminate them.

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