Deer Mice Control Toronto

Deer Mice Control Toronto

How to Identify Deer Mice

  • Up to 9.6 cm long (not including tail)
  • Gray, brown or reddish-brown fur
  • White underside

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Quick Facts About Deer Mice

The deer mouse is found all over North America. It is closely related to the white-footed mouse.

Deer mice are extremely prolific and reproduce much quicker than other mammals they compete with in the wild.

Deer mice are often used as laboratory animals due to their cleanliness and easy care.

Deer mice are important prey for such animals as snakes, owls, and coyotes.

What Attracts Deer Mice?

Deer mice prefer to build their nests in burrows with a lot of surrounding cover, such as tree hollows, piles of wood or vegetation, and tall grasses.

Deer mice are nocturnal creatures, and usually forage close to their burrows. They can move up to 500 feet from their birth nests to establish new home ranges.

Deer mice are omnivorous, and feed on everything from seeds, nuts, and leaves to insects and mushrooms. Their diet usually follows a seasonal pattern depending on the availability of certain foods.

Should I be Worried About Deer Mice?

Deer mice have been known to carry and transmit hantavirus in their saliva, urine and feces. The virus can be transmitted through tiny airborne particles.

Hantavirus causes a serious respiratory disease and can be fatal in some cases. There is no known cure for this disease.

If you observe deer mice on your property, don’t take any chances. Give us a call and we’ll take steps to eliminate them safely and effectively.

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