House Mice Control Toronto

House Mice Control Toronto

How to Identify House Mice

  • 7 to 9 cm long (not including tail)
  • Brown or grey fur
  • Small feet and head

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    Quick Facts About House Mice

    The house mouse is the most populous species of mouse on the planet.

    House mice reproduce extremely quickly. 

    House mice have adapted to live with humans, and as such are rarely found in the wild where there are no human settlements.

    Depending on their population density, house mice will adapt their social behaviour. They can be either fiercely territorial when they have a lot of space and scarce resources, or will develop a system of hierarchies when they are in closed quarters with an abundance of food.

    What Attracts House Mice?

    House mice feed on a variety of foods and have a voracious appetite. They prefer grains, fats, and starchy foods. They are particularly fond of seeds, nuts and have a propensity for peanut butter.

    House mice enter buildings in search of warmth when the temperature drops below 15C during the fall and winter months in Canada.

    They can gain access to a space via a small opening the size of a dime. They will set up their nests in hard to reach areas such as wall voids, attics and basements.

    Should I be Worried About Deer Mice?

    House mouse teeth grow constantly and need to be kept in check by chewing on certain materials. House mice can cause damage to support structures, electrical systems, furniture and textiles through their persistent gnawing.

    House mice can sometimes contaminate foods and transmit diseases to humans. They have been known to carry fleas which can be a threat to human health, but not as often as rats.

    House mice can pose a serious threat to stored foods, especially grains. They can be an unsightly nuisance to commercial establishments such as restaurants and grocery stores.

    If you notice house mice in your space, give us a call and we’ll take the necessary steps to remove them safely and effectively.

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