Norway Rats Control Toronto

Norway Rats Control Toronto

How to Identify Norway Rats

  • Up to 40 cm long
  • Brown fur
  • Small ears and blunt nose

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    Quick Facts About Norway Rats

    Norway rats are extremely common and can be found on all continents except Antarctica.

    It’s not really known why they are called Norway Rats – they are thought to originate in Northern China.

    Norway rats are among the largest types of rats. They are also referred to as brown rats.

    Norway rats are known to burrow extensively, and tend to build their nests at ground level.

    What Attracts Norway Rats?

    Norway rats are true omnivores and will feed on almost anything. Their diet consists mainly of cereals, but they have a propensity to seek out fatty, greasy foods as well.

    When Norway rats invade buildings, they most often stick to subsurface areas such as sewers and basements.

    Norway rats create burrows that provide warmth, shelter and protection from predators. Their burrows can be extensive and interconnected, and they will retreat to them at the slightest hint of danger.

    Should I be Worried About Norway Rats?

    Like most rats, Norway rats carry a host of harmful pathogens which can be transmitted to humans. These include Q fever, viral hemorrhagic fever, toxoplasmosis, hantavirus and trichinosis, which are all serious illnesses.

    Norway rats can sometimes cause damage to property through their burrowing and constant gnawing. They can disable electrical systems and even start fires by chewing on wires.

    If you are struggling with a Norway rat infestation on your property, don’t hesitate to call us right away. We’ll determine the extent of the problem and take steps to remove them safely and thoroughly.

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