Ship Rats Control Toronto

Ship Rats Control Toronto

How to Identify Ship Rats

  • 16-24 cm long
  • Black or dark grey fur
  • Larger ears and pointed nose

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    Quick Facts About Ship Rats

    Ship rats (also known as black rats and roof rats) are a widespread species of rat which are thought to originate in Southeast Asia.

    Despite their name, they come in a variety of colours.

    Ship rats have a high tolerance for bacteria in their systems, making them ideal vectors for diseases. 

    It is thought that ship rats were responsible for the spread of the bubonic plague (also known as the Black Death) in medieval Europe.

    What Attracts Ship Rats?

    Ship rats are true omnivores and will eat almost anything. They tend to prefer fruits, nuts and grains, but will feed on whatever food source is available in their area. They will also often feed on whatever domestic animals are given to eat.

    Ship rats tend to build their dens in elevated areas such as trees and attics, although they can also build them in the ground. Their tendency to nest in roofs and attics has given them the name “roof rat.”

    Ship rats also prefer areas with a significant amount of moisture and warmth. In the wild, they like to nest in forests with a heavy canopy to avoid predators such as hawks and owls.

    Should I be Worried About Ship Rats?

    Like most rats, ship rats carry a variety of harmful diseases which can be transmitted to humans. These include streptococcus, typhus, toxoplasmosis, trichinosis, and the bubonic plague.

    They can also cause damage to structures as they gnaw on wood, insulation and electrical wires. If you notice ship rats in your space, don’t take any chances.

    Give us a call immediately and we’ll take steps to remove them safely and effectively from your property.

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