White-footed Mice Control Toronto

White-footed Mice Control Toronto

How to Identify White-footed Mice

  • 6 to 8 cm (not including tail)
  • Gray or reddish-brown fur
  • White underside and feet

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Quick Facts About White-footed Mice

The white-footed mouse is native to North America and can be found all across the continent, from the Maritimes in Canada to the South West of the United States.

Unlike house mice, white-footed mice generally avoid settling near humans, but they can sometimes invade ground floor dwellings to build nests and store food.

White-footed mice are commonly used as laboratory mice and also make good pets. They can be bred to have fur of various colours.

What Attracts White-footed Mice?

White footed mice are highly adaptable and can be found in a variety of environments, from dry forests and brushlands to semi-deserts. 

They tend to prefer building their nests in warm, dry areas such as tree hollows or empty bird nests. While they are abundant in the wild, they have also been known to settle in suburban or agricultural areas.

Field mice feed primarily on seeds, nuts, berries and leaves. They also incorporate insects and fungi into their diet on a seasonal basis. Like field mice, they tend to gather and store their food in the fall.

Should I be Worried About White-footed Mice?

White-footed mice are known to carry Lyme disease, which is a serious illness transmitted via ticks. They have also been known to carry hantavirus, which is spread through their feces.

White-footed mice generally stay outdoors, although they do sometimes enter buildings to nest and can become a nuisance. 

If you notice white footed-mice on your property, give us a call. We’ll take the necessary steps to remove them safely and effectively.

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