Wolf Spiders Control Toronto

Wolf Spiders Control Toronto

How to Identify Wolf Spiders

  • Up to 3.5 cm long (body)
  • Dark brown stripes
  • Covered in short hair

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Quick Facts About Wolf Spiders

Wolf spiders are a widespread family of species that are found on all continents except Antarctica.

Wolf spiders have eight eyes, with two eyes that are much larger than the rest.

Wolf spiders do not spin webs, instead they actively hunt and catch prey.

Wolf spiders carry their egg sacs on their spinnerets and their young cling to the mother’s back for a few days after hatching.

What Attracts Wolf Spiders

Wolf spiders tend to live outdoors, hunting their prey near fields, grasslands and marshes. They will hang around anywhere there is an abundant source of insects to feed on.

Wolf spiders will make their way indoors as they wander looking for insects, usually entering buildings through cracks, crevices and holes in screens or windows.

If there are enough insects present in a space and they have enough hiding spots, wolf spiders may stay indoors. They will typically look for undisturbed areas with plenty of shelter such as garages, sheds, and wood piles.

Wolf spiders also seek out moisture, so de-humidifying your space and keeping it dry can deter them from nesting in your home.

Should I be Worried About Wolf Spiders?

Wolf spiders don’t generally pose any threat to humans. In fact, they can help curb insect populations as they hunt their prey.

Wolf spider venom is relatively weak, and does not cause any harmful effects for most people. Wolf spiders will only bite if they are handled or pressed against skin, such as when they hide in clothes or shoes.

Due to their large size, many people are distressed by the sight of wolf spiders. These arachnids can be especially disturbing to those who suffer from arachnophobia. Other than the psychological impact they can have on some people, wolf spiders are generally harmless.

If you need help getting rid of wolf spiders, give us a call. We’ll handle their removal safely and effectively.

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