Yellow Jackets Nest Removal Toronto

Yellow Jackets Nest Removal Toronto

How to identify wasps

  • 1 to 1.6 cm long
  • Yellow with black stripes
  • Larger abdomen

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    Quick Facts About Yellow Jackets

    Yellow jackets are the most common type of wasp found in Canada – they are often simply referred to as “wasps.”

    Yellow jackets are sometimes confused with bees. However, they do not carry pollen and do not have the necessary adaptations to do so, such as the tiny hairs and specialized hind legs of the honeybee.

    Yellow jackets resemble hornets. They can be distinguished from hornets by their smaller head size and closer eye distance.

    What Attracts Yellow Jackets?

    Yellow jackets are social insects that live in colonies and wander around to find food. They prefer to feed on sugar and carbohydrate-rich foods such as fruits, nectar and tree sap. 

    Yellow jackets also hunt and feed on other insects and animal flesh. They collect these foods and deliver them to their larvae after processing the proteins for consumption.

    Areas with abundant sources of food, such as orchards, gardens and exposed garbage bins are prime locations for foraging yellow jackets. Raised structures such as eaves, soffits, and tree branches create perfect spots for yellow jackets to build their nests.

    Yellow jackets build exposed nests, often in high places. These nests are made from chewed up plant material that is molded into chambers and walls. It resembles brownish paper.

    Should I be Worried About Yellow Jackets?

    Yellow jackets are aggressive and can sting repeatedly. Their stings don’t normally call for medical intervention, but they can be painful.

    In some cases, those who are allergic or sensitive to wasp stings might need medical attention. Yellow jackets will swarm anyone who tries to disturb their nest, potentially resulting in multiple painful stings.

    If you observe yellow jackets in large numbers around your property, don’t take any chances – give us a call. We’ll identify all nests and take steps to remove them safely and effectively.

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